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Activa Lease offers flexible solutions to accommodate individual expat car needs. Whether you’re on a corporate trip or on holidays in Europe, we have available options that cater to your business or personal requirements. We carry a wide range of car brands and models that are always maintained in excellent condition.

Expat Car - Simple and straightforward terms

Our expat car lease terms have clear-cut conditions at affordable rates. Activa Lease provides fixed terms, rates and monthly fees with no hidden charges and no complicated paperwork. The application process requires just basic information so that with our prompt processing, you can drive your car without delay.

Leasing in 3 easy steps

We make the leasing process quick and convenient.
1. Pick the expat car of your choice from a diverse selection.
2. Fill in the online form.
3. Receive a response within 24 hours.

Premium inventory

Our user-friendly online listing makes your search hassle free. Click on any expat car featured on the page for detailed information and more pictures. Refine the search by brand, model, body type, mileage, year, fuel, transmission type and lease terms to get the exact car you have in mind. For any questions, you can reach us on the online contact form, by phone or by email. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Flexible payment options for your Expat Car Lease

Take advantage of alternative payment schemes that mean more savings for you. Trade in your current car to pay toward the deposit. Our sister company Multi Car gives you the best quote for the value of your car. Pay a higher down payment to reduce the monthly payment. Make an early repayment and pay off the balance at only 10% of the interest rate for the remaining term.

With Activa Lease, enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll get a top-quality expat car at a great deal and best value for your money. You can rely on our customer service team to provide professional support throughout the term of the lease.

You can see our offer in English here or submit a request here.


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