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  • What is included in the monthly amount?

    The monthly amount is based on the structure of a Financial Lease. The monthly amount comprises payment of one instalment and interest. Road tax will be collected directly from you by the tax authorities. You can also arrange insurance through this website. Maintenance and depreciation are for your own account.

  • What security does Activa Lease need?

    Our guarantee is the car, which represents the collateral. If you get into financial difficulties and are no longer able to keep up with the payments, we recover arrears through the car. This gives both you and us security.

  • When do I own the car?

    You’re the owner from the moment that you’ve paid the first instalment.
    Do you have a company? Then the car is shown as a debit on the company balance sheet (assets side) and the financing as a credit on the opposite side (liabilities side).

  • Can I trade in my current car?

    You can of course trade in your car. Through our affiliate, Multi Auto, we always make sure that we get the highest possible offer for your used car. The value of the car you trade in can also serve as a deposit. In this way you reduce your monthly payments and increase your chance of acceptance.

  • What happens if I have a negative credit rating?

    A negative credit rating from the past needn’t be a problem, provided it has since been resolved. However, if you have an existing negative credit rating, we can’t help you, unfortunately.

  • Why are you cheaper than other suppliers?

    We do as much as possible by telephone and e-mail. This lets us make significant savings on office space and reception staff. We naturally pass these savings on by making you the cheapest possible offer.

  • Can I make a deposit?

    You can pay as much as you like as a deposit. The higher the deposit, the lower the monthly rate. In its sample calculations Activa Lease assumes a deposit of 20%. In practice this is also the most common percentage paid as a deposit. The car you trade in can also serve as a deposit. However, a deposit is not compulsory and in many cases you can lease a car without one. Without a deposit, though, your monthly payment will be higher. A deposit also considerably increases your chance of acceptance. It’s possible that your request is turned down initially but then approved if you pay a deposit.

  • What is a final instalment?

    A final instalment is the last instalment. This amount is always higher than the monthly payment. You can then opt to trade the car in again. The residual value of the car will be approximately equal to the final instalment. You can therefore opt to trade in the car and enter into a new lease. In this case you don’t pay the final instalment. You can also opt to hand in the car so that, on the basis of the value at that time, you don't have to pay any final instalment.

  • Why does Activa Lease need so little information?

    The reason why we at Activa Lease need so little information for a request is that we work in a different way. Our aim is to make things as easy as possible for the customer. With a bank, you have to deliver all the information, while we retrieve the information we need.

  • Is the interest tax-deductible?

    For both start-ups and established businesses, the interest is indeed tax-deductible. The investment allowance is 28% of the interest.

  • What are the advantages of Financial Lease?

    If you opt for Activa Lease’s Financial Lease, you pay a fixed monthly amount. This means that you know what you’re spending each month. Also, at the start you don't have to pay a large sum straight away, which gives you better control of your finances.

  • As someone who is starting up a new business, can I also make use of Financial Lease?

    It’s precisely for start-ups that Activa Lease’s Financial Lease is the best way of acquiring a car for private or company use. As a new business owner you already have to put a lot of money into many other things. Financial Lease means that you don’t have to make even more large payments all at the same time. 

  • Is Financial Lease also suitable for self-employed workers without employees?

    Activa Lease’s Financial Lease is a great solution for self-employed workers without employees. It’s never convenient to have to pay out substantial sums. With Financial Lease you spread your payments and you know how much you have to spend. This lets you keep firm control of your finances.

  • Why do I have to pay VAT? And can I claim it back?

    If you’re a business owner, the VAT is refunded when you make your first tax return; you pay an advance, as it were, as with your other business expenses. 

  • Do I also pay VAT on the monthly instalments?

    No, you pay the VAT in full when you acquire the car, then you’re refunded the whole amount with your first tax return. Because you’ve already paid the VAT in full, no VAT is levied on the monthly payments.

  • I want to have a business lease but trade in my private car. Is that possible?

    That’s also possible. The full price of the private car is then paid to you privately.

  • Can I also hire a car from Activa Lease?

    No, you can’t hire a car. But you can enter into a lease for a longer period and terminate it early or transfer it to another car.

  • Can I also buy a car from Activa Lease instead of leasing?

    Yes, that’s possible. You can find information about buying a car on www.multiauto.nl (including the purchase price).

  • What’s the term of the lease?

    You can decide yourself how long the lease should last. You pay lower monthly instalments with a longer contract than with a shorter one. The most common term is 60 months, the minimum is 12 months and the maximum 72 months. During the contract period you can also transfer the lease to a different lease car.

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