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About Financial Lease

Activa Lease’s Financial Lease offers you security and clarity. The advantage of this form of lease for both new and established businesses is that you can keep the investment separate from normal company financing. In other words, you immediately become the beneficial owner and can therefore enter your car in your company’s balance sheet. You can choose the term of the contract that suits you best with regard to depreciation and the length of time the car will be used. The accompanying interest and depreciation costs are tax-deductible. The fixed monthly instalments give you a clear idea of the costs of your car. This makes Activa Lease’s Financial Lease a secure and clear form of financing. Financial Lease can be completely tailored to your needs. In consultation with Activa Lease, you determine the most suitable leasing arrangement point by point.
If you have any questions, please look at the FAQ or contact us by sending an e-mail to info@activalease.nl or phoning +31 (0)493-698535.

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Leasing consultant

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Leasing consultant

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